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Diptic is Now Optimized for iOS 8

Today we released an update for Diptic for iPhone and iPad. This update takes advantage of new iOS 8 features and includes several enhancements. Here’s what you’ll see in the update:

  • Diptic is now optimized for iOS 8
  • Diptic now pulls in the edited version of photos that were edited in the Photos app. (Diptic previously imported the unedited version, so we’re pretty excited about this update.)
  • Diptic now uses the iOS 8 Share Sheet, which provides a more streamlined, user-friendly way to share your collages. It also includes all available apps on your phone in addition to our existing sharing features.
  • You can use Diptic directly in your Photos app to create a two-frame collage. One frame shows the original photo and the other frame has a pinned map of where you took the photo. We'll share more on this in its own blog post tomorrow.
  • Improved brightness, contrast, color and saturation sliders
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

A note on the previous blog post regarding the Camera Roll:

  • This update corrects the iOS 8 issue for Diptic where the app was no longer able to access all your photos. All of your photos can now be accessed in the album 'All Photos' (as opposed to Camera Roll).
  • Diptic PDQ & Diptic Video updates that include fixes for this issue are still awaiting approval from Apple. Apple released (and then pulled) iOS 8.0.1 which fixed the issue at an OS level (iOS 8.0 prevents apps from accessing all their photos). This will likely be fixed in 8.0.2 when released. Our apps' updates also fix this issue independently and should be out soon.