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Diptic Pro Tip #7: Printing your Diptics

We’re frequently asked if you can print Diptics.

We always answer this question with a resounding YES! Diptic exports high-quality, high-resolution images that look great when they’re printed. The resolution is dependent on your device, with newer devices offering the highest resolution.

Normal Medium Large
iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5, iPhone 4s & the new third-generation iPad 1632x1632 2448x2448 3264x3264
iPhone 4 and iPad2 1296x1296 1944x1944 2592x2592
iPhone 3GS, iPad1, iPod Touch Gen1, iPod Touch Gen2 800x800 1200x1200 1600x1600

By default, Diptic exports images in a square with a 1:1 ratio. However, standard printing sizes are rectangles (4:6, 5:7, 8:10, etc.). To achieve your preferred printing ratio, you need to install Expandable Layouts ($.99 in-app purchase). This lets you adjust the outer dimensions of your Diptics to create rectangles.

Next you need to figure out the right ratio for the size you're printing. Ratios are expressed in Diptic as either fractions or numbers with decimal points. Let’s say you're trying to print a 4x6 image. Here's how you would figure out the ratio:

  • 4 divided by 6 = 2/3 (2:3) or .66. This gives you a portrait (tall and skinny) Diptic.
  • 6 divided by 4 = 3/2 (3:2) or 1.5. This gives you a landscape (long and narrow) Diptic.

Protip Image 1 Protip Image 2

Depending on whether you want a portrait or a landscape Diptic, scroll the Expandable Layouts to 2:3 or 3:2.

Once you’re happy with your Diptic, email it to yourself and print the image. One last piece of advice: Before printing, open the image in Preview and make sure the image is the correct size.

You can do this by going to Tools > Adjust Size. Since you have the right ratio, you can manually adjust the size of the image, if needed.

If you leave the borders at their default setting (15), you'll end up with about 3/16" around the edge for a frame to overhang the image without actually covering anything up. For a printed image, you can round the inner corners, but we don’t recommend rounding the outer corners, because it will leave funny white corners on the printed image.