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Diptic Pro Tip #4: One Image, Two Filters

Have you ever seen images like this? It’s one image but somehow there are two filters applied.

Single Photo, Double Filter

Looks pretty tricky, right? It may look complicated, but thankfully it’s quite easy. Here’s how you do it.

  1. Pick this layout (or another, depending on what your end goal is).

    Image of Step 1

  2. Go to Frames tab; select the 12x2 grid and create a square.

    Image of Step 2

  3. Tap each joint to curve the points and create a circle.

    Image of Step 3

  4. Add the same photo to both frames. Image of Step 4

  5. Remove the border. Image of Step 5

  6. Pinch and zoom the middle photo to align it and make both pictures look like one seamless image. Image of Step 6

  7. Tap a frame and select Filter to apply a filter. Image of Step 7

  8. Tap the other frame to add a different filter. Apply other edits as needed. Image of Step 8

See, that’s not so hard! If you have any questions, please reach out via Facebook or Twitter, or email us at support@dipticapp.com.