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Tutorial: Using Diptic and Layover to Create a Composite Image

The App Whisperer recently published a tutorial that shows how you can use Diptic and Layover to create an interesting and artistic composite image. The full tutorial is available here. The author, David Hayes, starts with what he describes as a “blah” image – a photograph of paintbrushes. Doesn’t get much more “blah” than paintbrushes, right?

Blah Paintbrushes

He processes the image in Layover (our photo-blending app), pops it into Diptic, and then finishes the image in Layover to create this composite image:

Tutorial Shot #2

Tutorial Shot #3

Tutorial Shot #4

David details each step with simple instructions and corresponding screenshots, making it easy to follow along and learn new tricks to use these two complementary apps. We highly recommend checking it out!