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Five Simple Tips to Make Great Diptics

No matter if you’re new to Diptic or the next Michelangelo of iPhoneography, it’s smart to remember the basics. As such, we’ve compiled five easy-to-use tips to help you make Diptics that look great every time!

  1. Start with a classic layout, such as the layout with two frames stacked horizontally or the one with two frames stacked vertically.
  2. Add an image that looks good on its own (Diptic is awesome, but it can’t fix a bad photo!).
  3. Add a second image that complements the first image. This is the key to making a great Diptic, no matter what layout you use. Here are a few ways you can pick images that look good together:

Use images with complementary or similar colors.

Use images that highlight different aspects of a particular item or theme (parts of an outfit, ingredients in a recipe, etc.).

Select images that illustrate a sequence of events.

Use the same photo in both frames, but tweak one of the images to make it a little different (adjust color, apply a filter, etc.).

  1. Keep the border basic (or none).
  2. Go easy on the filters. A filter should generally be used to enhance your image, not be a focal point in your Diptic.

Do you have any tips or techniques you use when creating Diptics? Let us know via email, Facebook or Twitter!

Happy Diptic’ing!