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iOS 6 Privacy Changes

Are you enjoying iOS 6? In addition to the ability to take panoramic pictures and the awesome "do not disturb" button, iOS 6 also has stricter privacy settings. It requires that apps get permission to access your Location, Contacts, Calendar, Reminders, Photos, Facebook and Twitter.

The first time Diptic tries to access your private information, you'll be prompted to grant access to that information. If you approve it, then you're set. If you choose to deny it and later change your mind, you can easily change it in the Settings app.

With iOS 6, there are two permissions that Diptic needs:

  • Photos - for general usage
  • Location Services - for the "Random Diptic" feature

To change your privacy settings for Photos, go to Settings.app and navigate the following menu: Settings.app > Privacy > Photos > Diptic => ON

For Location Services, navigate the following menu: Settings.app > Privacy > Location Services (this needs to be turned on) > Diptic => ON

Hope this clarifies your privacy questions!If not, please email us at support@dipticapp.com, and we'll help you out!