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Introducing Diptic PDQ: Powerful Designs… Quickly (aka: Pretty Dang Quick)

We're excited to announce the release of our new photo collage app, Diptic PDQ. Built for iOS 7, Diptic PDQ is a new spin on photo collaging. It’s fast, sleek and Pretty Dang Quick.

Before we talk about Diptic PDQ’s sweet workflow and features, let’s back up for a second and discuss why we built this new app.

We’re always studying how our users interact with Diptic and reviewing customer feedback. This allows us to make note of their preferences and get ideas for updates. When we noticed that a chunk of our users create their Diptics very quickly, using only a few of the many frames and features, we decided to make a collage app especially for them.

It didn’t make sense to change Diptic and take away the features valued by users who like to make highly customized collages. So we created a new app that has the same great design principles that have made Diptic so popular but takes a new approach to photo collaging.

Diptic PDQ is a streamlined collage app for photo enthusiasts who want to create collages on the fly. The tight menu of features = streamlined creativity. Diptic PDQ provides a unique workflow that lets you select your photos first and then your layout, speeding up the collage process by letting you quickly see how different photo combinations and layouts look.

Once you’ve selected your photos, here’s what you can do:

  • Choose from 35 of the most popular photo collage layouts
  • Swap photos between frames
  • Slide inner frame lines to make layouts perfectly fit your photos
  • Round inner borders and customize the border’s thickness and color
  • Play around with filters or use the image enhancement tools (adjust brightness, contrast and color saturation)
  • Pan, rotate, mirror and zoom individual photos
  • Save collages to your device, send via email, or share by posting to Instagram, Twitter or Facebook (#DipticPDQ)