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Q&A: Diptic Vs. Diptic PDQ

Yesterday we released Diptic PDQ in the App Store. Diptic and Diptic PDQ are two separate apps, but they have similar names and functionality, so we wanted to take time to clear up any confusion about Diptic PDQ and how it relates to Diptic.

For background information, such as what Diptic PDQ does and why we built it, we recommend reading this blog post.

What is Diptic PDQ?

Diptic PDQ (short for Pretty Dang Quick) is a streamlined app that helps you quickly create photo collages. It features a tight, simplified menu of design options that makes it easy to choose frames and effects quickly. With PDQ, you choose your photos first and then the frames you like best for those photos.

But wait…Diptic PDQ sounds a lot like Diptic. What’s the difference between Diptic and Diptic PDQ?

Both apps help you create beautiful photo collages, but they do so in very different ways. In terms of process, Diptic makes you start with a layout and then you select photos. Diptic PDQ, however, starts with your photos. Select photos from your device, and then drag and drop those photos into various frames and layouts. This speeds up the process by letting you quickly see how different photo combinations and layouts look.

In addition to the variations in design and user flow, they offer different features. Diptic has evolved over the years and provides a ton of features. If you want to get really creative and create customized collages, then we recommend using Diptic. In Diptic PDQ, however, we’ve leveraged customer feedback to distill Diptic’s robust feature-set, implementing your favorite features and layouts.

Why did you develop a new app and not just update Diptic?

We don’t think the process of photo collaging is one size fits all. Sometimes you want to take the time to make something unique, and sometimes you just want to quickly create a collage to share photos from vacation or a night out with friends. We opted to build a new app (rather than drastically overhauling Diptic) because we didn’t want to take away features valued by users who like to take the time to create unique collages.

Is Diptic PDQ not a free upgrade for current Diptic customers?

Diptic PDQ isn’t a free upgrade because it isn’t an app update; it’s a new, separate app that takes a different approach to photo collaging. It’s like Instant Message vs. email. Or a pumpkin spice latte vs. a mocha. Both apps are great and produce beautiful photo collages, but they each offer unique design, user flow and feature sets.

Should I download Diptic PDQ when I already have Diptic?

Maybe you should and maybe you shouldn't. We know it's not for everyone. If you have Diptic and it’s working for you, then there’s probably no need to download Diptic PDQ. But if you think Diptic is too complicated, then Diptic PDQ might be a good alternative. If your friends have ever yelled, "Get off your phone!" because you’re too busy creating a collage to engage in conversation, then Diptic PDQ might make sense for you.

When should I expect an update from Diptic?

Soon! We are currently working on a big update for Diptic to refine the user experience. We’re still 100% committed to delivering updates and providing the best value to our customers.

If you have any questions not answered here, please email us at support@dipticapp.com. Thanks!