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Diptic Video: 50 Percent Off For a Limited Time

Diptic Video is excited to participate in the App Store's Amazing Photo & Video Apps promotion. As part of this promotion, Diptic Video can be downloaded for 50 percent off for a limited time.

You can download Diptic Video here.

Diptic Video is a great app for quickly creating and sharing video collages. Its core features include:

  • Combine up to four video clips or still photos (or a combination of both) in one of 35 layouts. You can use photos/video clips saved to your device or take a video/photo on the spot with your device camera.
  • Option to trim (shorten) your video.
  • For video clips less than 16 seconds, you can change the playback mode. Standard playback is Forward and other options include Forward + Reverse, Reverse, and Reverse + Forward.
  • Play video clips in slow motion or double time; you can also loop your video clips so they play on repeat.
  • Play your video clips at the same time or one after another via Sequential Playback.
  • Add music from your iTunes library to video clips.
  • Swap videos/photos between frames.
  • Round the inner borders, as well as modify thickness and color.
  • Pan, rotate, mirror and zoom individual photos and videos.

Take advantage of the promotion and check out Diptic Video!